End of Life, Transportation, Forced Paid Sick Leave

Good afternoon from the State House. The action in Annapolis has been busy, but I try to contact you when I feel that there are bills or events that you should know about or actions that you can take.  

This email contains:

1.)     End of Life with Options - Status

2.)    Transportation

3.)    Forced Paid Sick Leave

4.)    Governor’s Visit to St. Mary’s

5.)    In the News


HB 404- End of Life with Options formally known as “Death with Dignity” has been a hotly debated and very emotionally charged topic in Annapolis and locally as many local churches and constituents have contacted our office in opposition of this bill.  While I am very sympathetic to the intent of this bill, I remain unconvinced that any legislation can be written that would completely ensure that it is not abused and that protects our most vulnerable citizens. In my opinion, there is no acceptable number of unintended casualty.

I am pleased to announce that the Senate version of this bill has been withdrawn and the House version will not receive a vote; effectively this legislation is at the end of its own life.

 Transportation, Transportation, Transportation!

Maryland Democrats have plan to restrict Governor on transportation decisions

The big news out of Annapolis the last 2 weeks, you may have guessed is transportation!

The democrats are leading a misguided power grab for control of the transportation spending. Outraged at the Governor’s decision last summer to shift $1 billion toward highway construction after scrapping the $2.9 billion Red Line through Baltimore, the majority party has moved to pass legislation to score transportation projects on a point system.

This year Governor Hogan has invested unprecedented $2 billion into “shovel ready” infrastructure projects to fix every single structurally deficient bridge in the state, and to move us forward on the top-priority road projects in every single jurisdiction in the state.

These important projects are selected based on the priorities of the County Governments who have the closest connection the needs of their regions and the citizens they represent.

Had this bill been in effect a year ago, our area would lose $33.3 million in projects. These include the following:

MD 5, Point Lookout Road; MD 5, Camp Brown Road to Ranger Station

MD 5, Point Lookout Road, MD 5 at Abel Street/ Moakley Street

MD 234, Budd’s Creek Road; MD 234 Bridge over Gilbert Swamp run (Charles County)

On the other end, Montgomery County’s projects could receive nearly $3.5 billion because their projects fare so well under this scoring scheme. In fact, if this bill goes into effect, there is a high probability under this flawed scoring system that 94 cents of every dollar of Maryland’s gas taxes would be directed solely to projects Montgomery County.


 Paid Sick Leave

HB 580- Requiring employers with more than nine employees to provide employees with earned sick and safe leave.

While this bill sounds appealing, the real life effect of this is overwhelmingly negative. Employment is a contract between employer and employee that is defined by what the employer offers in exchange for what the employee is willing to work for. Government mandates such as this affect the amount of other benefits, salary and number of positions a given company can afford to offer.

While this legislation may provide an immediate benefit to some employees, others, such as unskilled employees, may lose their job or other benefits such as healthcare as a result. Ultimately, this legislation will hurt the exact same people it is intended to help. 

Governor Hogan’s Visit

It was a pleasure to accompany Governor Hogan on his recent trip to our neck of the woods! St. Mary’s County has a lot to offer and I was proud that we were given the opportunity to showcase our landmarks. Some of the whistle stops included:

Port of Leonardtown Winery

Buzzy’s Country Store

Charlotte Hall Veterans Home

Southern Maryland Higher Education Center


 In the News

Purple Line is a go, Gov. Hogan announces

Hogan still riding high in latest poll, state headed in right direction

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Have a great weekend,

Matt Morgan
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August 27, 2017
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