HB184 - St. Mary's County, Business Personal Property Tax Cut

Just as I pledged during the 2014 campaign, I remain committed to improving the business and tax climate in Maryland.  To that I end, I sponsored a piece of legislation (HB184) to exempt St. Mary's County businesses from personal property taxes. 

This bill had its hearing on February 18th in front the Ways and Means committee. Commissioner Tom Jarboe came to Annapolis to testify in support of the legislation and we had letters of support submitted by The St. Mary’s county Chamber of Commerce, the Southern Maryland Black Chamber of Commerce as well as the St. Mary’s County Licensed Beverage Association. This Legislation is supported unanimously by all elected officials, county and state of St. Mary’s County. We all firmly believe that the exemption will help existing businesses grow, and attract new business to start up in St. Mary’s County.

One of the most compelling argument for the bill is that we need a diverse business sector. Being dependent on Pax River as our sole focus for economic growth puts our community in jeopardy.  This bill offers an incentive to private sectors businesses to relocate and expand in St. Mary's County.

If you support this legislation, please call or email the ways and means committee members and let them know.
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August 27, 2017
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