HB837- Transportation - Motor Fuel Tax and Highway User Revenue - Increased Local Share

St. Mary’s County is being cheated out of our “Gas Tax” money.  Maryland used a formula to return gas tax money to local governments.  In 2010, 90% of this money was suddenly redirected to the state rather than to counties and municipalities.  Now our local governments are left without funds to repair damaged roads. 

A few years ago, Governor O'Malley decided counties, cities, and towns didn't need as much money to handle road-repair projects like resurfacing and patching, and the state has been keeping the difference.  The result?  Local governments are struggling to keep up with fixing potholes, and they're getting further and further behind without the resources to ever catch up.  Our roads are going downhill fast.

HB837 will return funding levels to follow a funding formula that was used for over 60 years until O'Malley stole the money. This bill creates a constitutional amendment to protect the funding and keep future governors from raiding the funds again. 

I co-sponsored this legislation.

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August 27, 2017
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