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Not a Dime More ... No New Taxes

If your financial advisor mismanages your money, would you send them more money? The answer is "No"; but that is exactly what is happening in the Maryland State Government. They mismanage your hard earned money and then demand more.  More government spending causes the need for more taxes which results in more spending.  See the chart below.

Money spent the preceding year causes the need for tax increases, which results in more spending. This reckless government spending means less take home money for you.  Less money for you means less opportunity for you and your family and less money in our local economy.  I believe you can invest your money more wisely than our Governor.  Not a dime more.    

















Job Growth

Economics is all about incentives and common sense. When the government excessively taxes people that work hard to pay people not to work, it results in more people not working. Government doesn’t create jobs; businesses do. You only have to look across to the river into Virginia to see that low taxes, less regulation and pro-business policies create jobs. Virginia’s unemployment rate has been consistently much better than Maryland. As a result, many large corporations have left our state only to move across the river.

I will fight to:


  • Repeal the corporate and sales tax increases enacted under the current administration.
  • Repeal the “Rain Tax.”
  • Promote fair, clear, and stable business regulations to give businesses the confidence to bringing jobs and investment to Maryland.


I will fight for a greater share of education revenue to spent here in St. Mary's County.  Maryland spends $7.1 Billion dollars on K-12 education, but because of funding formulas, St. Mary County receives only a fraction of money available. This reduces the amount of money available for per pupil funding. See the chart below from the 2013 Maryland Budget highlight.


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August 27, 2017
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Annapolis Office:
Delegate Matt Morgan
House of Delegates
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Annapolis, Maryland 21401
1-800-492-7122, ext. 3170 (toll free)

Local Mailing Address:
Delegate Matt Morgan
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