It's time to rein in state's out-of-control spending

Letter to the Editor, Southern Maryland Enterprise, October 8, 2010

I would like to respond to the questions regarding two letters that appeared in the Sept. 29 Enterprise, one written by Celia Rabinowitz, the other by Glenn Weder.

As the advertisement Erik Anderson and I ran stated, state delegates do not have the ability to rule on Roe v. Wade, but do have the ability to determine how your tax dollars are utilized in Maryland.

The Maryland state budget has grown $5.7 billion in the last five years with the help of our current representatives, so there are plenty of examples Erik and I could have used to highlight the misuse of taxpayer money. We could have chosen to highlight the $75,000 concession stand or the $40,000 tai chi court the taxpayers paid for this year as misuse. We could have highlighted the estimated $1.4 billion dollars illegal immigration costs the state each year. But, we chose the topic of $2.1 million in yearly abortion money because most taxpayers are unaware their money is being spent in this manner.

At present, the federal Medicaid program mandates abortion funding in cases of rape or incest, as well as when a pregnant woman's life is endangered. This is the law and Maryland is federally mandated to fund it. Our representatives have taken this one step further and Maryland is one of only four states to voluntarily expand funding for Medicaid abortions for elective procedures. The Maryland Executive Budget reports that in 2009 the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene received claims for 3,407 abortions of which 3,404 were elective; the total cost to the taxpayers was $2.1 million. Politicians need to be reminded that funding of this nature offends many of their constituents and government money does not belong to the government, it belongs to the people who earned it. The state of Maryland is in a budget deficit and simply cannot afford to bail out everyone.

Every dollar government spends is another dollar they must take (tax) from someone else. It is time to rein in out-of-control spending, and our current representatives have proven they are not up to the task. In just a few short weeks, the voters have the opportunity to bring responsible, effective government back to the people. Your choice can be to continue with the same "close your eyes, grit your teeth and push a button" career politician we have now or elect new leadership who understand hard, unpopular choices need to be made.

This election isn't about what party you belong to; it's about the direction our state is heading. The status quo that has put our state into a $2 billion deficit isn't good enough anymore and the taxpayers should demand better.

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