Budget Passed

The action has been busy here in Annapolis as the 2016 Legislative Session comes to a close and the mad dash is on to the conclude the State's legislative business before Sine Die on April 11th. One important piece of business is the passage of the budget and I thought that it was important to give you an update.

Passing a balanced budget is the only Constitutional requirement of the Maryland General Assembly all other legislation is considered optional.  In the past, this task often comes with a protracted fight, as both sides of the aisle defend their legislative priorities.


On Wednesday the Maryland House of Delegates approved Gov. Larry Hogan’s $42 billion operating budget, a bipartisan plan that moved through the General Assembly with greater ease than any other spending blueprint in years.

The result is a fiscal 2017 general fund balance of over $400 million and a rainy day fund balance that exceeds $1 billion. The combined balances are over 8.0% of the general fund revenues. Current budget forecasts indicate that these cash balances are sufficient to balance the general fund budget through fiscal 2020 while maintaining a 5.0% rainy day fund balance.

This budget provides for a record amount of money for education and a 5.4% increase for community colleges across the state. This is the third straight year the Governor and General Assembly have balanced the budget without depending on tax increases and this is made possible by the 57,000 more people working this year than one year ago.

While there certainly is room for improvement, I believe that this budget is a step in the right direction for the State of Maryland and cast a YES vote.

St Mary’s County

Our friend, Governor Hogan was once again very good to rural areas of Maryland.  St. Mary's County will receive a 2.1% increase in local aid, a 1.5% increase in funding for K-12 schools, along with libraries and community colleges, and almost $2 million in highway user revenue for local roads.  We also received $3 million dollars of design money for the construction of the U.A.S. University of Maryland Research Center in Hollywood.  If you are interested in learning more about this project, the Enterprise did a nice news story on it:  http://www.somdnews.com/enterprise/news/local/governor-funds-design-of-new-higher-ed-building/article_cc2da672-f085-5dea-9ab3-cd54891ed212.html


If you live in District 29A in the Northern portion of St. Mary's County and are pursuing a degree, you may qualify to receive an award from the Office of Delegate Matt Morgan. You must be enrolled in a Maryland Institute of Higher Education, or have an approved “unique major” status from MHEC to attend an out of state school. To apply for “unique major status” please visit www.mhec.state.md.us

You can obtain the instructions and materials for this year’s scholarships at www.voteformattmorgan.com under the tab “scholarships”, or by calling the office at 410-841-3170

Complete Scholarship applications must be postmarked by May 1, 2016.

Contact My Office

For legislative and constituent issues please contact myself or my legislative assistant, Louisa Baucom at 410-841-3170/ 301-858-3170

Toll free 800-492-7122 ext. 3170

Or by email at matt.morgan@house.state.md.us

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter,

Matt Morgan
State Delegate 29A

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August 27, 2017
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