Second Amendment

I believe last year’s gun grab legislation, Senate bill SB281, is unconstitutional and should be overturned by the courts.  If the courts do not overturn this legislation, I will work for its full repeal.  This law was never about making Marylanders safer, it was about our Governor standing to the left of New York Governor Cuomo when Governor O’Malley runs for President in 2016.  Democrats in Annapolis have triggered the laws of “unintended consequences” as SB281 was intended to limit firearm ownership, but actually resulted in making Maryland one of the most-armed citizenry per capita in our nation. 

On a personal note, while I am not a hunter, I do support the activity.  I am an active target and skeet shooter, a member of the NRA and a member of Maryland Shall issue.  I do support concealed carry and reciprocity licensing such as the Utah permit.

I am very concerned at the direction Maryland is headed in, and especially concerned with the liberal leadership that is currently elected.  A bill introduced this year from Baltimore Delegate Conaway requiring the “Duty to Retreat” in-lieu of self-defense, I believe is against human nature.  If someone breaks into your house, you have the right to defend yourself.  Under Delegate Conaway’s bill, defending yourself, your family and your property could result in a criminal or civil lawsuit for the defending person.  That is ridiculous and I will fight against this insanity.

In another piece of legislation, Delegate Conaway establishes a task force to study the feasibility of tracking firearms with a GPS locator.  I will never vote for and I will speak out in every opportunity against such an infringement on privacy rights and a waste of taxpayers’ money.      

It is this type of legislation that prompted me to run in 2010 and, let’s face it, nothing has been fixed since then.  I ran for the right reasons in 2010 and I am running for the right reasons again.  I am an independent, free thinking, regular working class guy.  I have nothing to gain from this position personally, that puts me in a unique situation not to be beholden to any king-makers or special interest groups and allows me the freedom to make honest and good decisions that are truly representative of what the community wants.

I will be at the 2A-Rally, just as I have other rallies before.  If you are planning to go, send me a quick message so we can meet up.  Thank you and I look forward to a chance of earning your support and your vote.

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August 27, 2017
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