Second Amendment Rally Draws Local Support

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Maryland Shall Issue, Maryland State Rifle & Pistol Association, and Maryland Licensed Firearms Dealers Association, together with gun owners and other groups across the state, gathered for the 2A Tuesday Rally, on February 4, 2012, on Lawyers’ Mall in Annapolis. Two local candidates for the House of Delegates, Republicans Matt Morgan (District 29A) and Deb Rey (District 29B) were in attendance.

The rally was prompted by the response of activists, who after the passage of the Firearms Safety Act of 2013, were concerned about Maryland’s attack on fundamental civil rights. That law, which went into effect October 1 of last year, imposes stricter handgun licensing requirements, including fingerprinting and firearms training, and also bans the sale of some semiautomatic weapons and large-capacity magazines. The rally demonstrated how passionate the electorate is about protection of the Constitutional Right to Bear Arms.

Del. Michael D. Smigiel, Sr. (R-Cecil) spoke to the crowd and announced the legislation he is sponsoring to repeal this law. Other speakers highlighted the need to change the members of the General Assembly because the current slate of Delegates has become far more liberal in recent years.

Morgan agrees; “I am very concerned at the direction in which Maryland is headed, and especially concerned with the liberal leadership that is currently elected. A bill introduced this year from Baltimore Delegate Conaway, requiring the “Duty to Retreat” in-lieu of self-defense even in your own home, is against human nature and is ridiculous. Last Saturday, two of the three Democratic Governor candidates said they supported the same restrictive measures placed on assault weapons to be applied to shot guns. Liberty in Maryland will die a death of a 1000 small cuts unless we elected some people that are willing to stand up and defend it.”

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Annapolis Office:
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Annapolis, Maryland 21401
1-800-492-7122, ext. 3170 (toll free)

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