Vote no on in-state tuition for illegal immigrants

Letter to the Editor, Southern Maryland Enterprise, October 31, 2012

Over the next few days, pro-illegal immigration groups are prepare to unload millions of advertising dollars in support Question 4, a new law which extends in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens at Maryland colleges and universities. As you consider how to cast your vote on Question 4, I urge you to also understand the argument of the opponents to the law.

First, under current law, Maryland universities and colleges do not use a student’s legal status as a discriminating factor in determining admissions; applicants are judged on their merit and are given the same admission opportunity as any other legal applicant. Illegal immigrant students are still permitted to attend our colleges, the only difference is the tuition rate that they would pay. The current law has illegal immigrant students paying the out-of-state rate, which is the same tuition rate as a legal child from other U.S. states like Virginia or Delaware, and the same rate as a legal international student from countries such as Mexico or El Salvador.

Secondly, the result of the law is that Maryland taxpayers are responsible for the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition rates for each illegal immigrant who attends a Maryland college or university. To put that into perspective, in-state tuition at the University of Maryland in 2012 is $8,909. For out-of-state students, the tuition is triple that value at $27,288 per year. This means that you the Maryland taxpayer will be responsible for the $18,379 difference, per student, per year.

Finally, this type of policy will make Maryland a magnet for illegal immigrants. Not only does this type of policy reward illegal behavior, it may also allow undocumented immigrants to take in-state slots from legal Maryland residents. By extending this type of education benefit to illegal aliens and by requiring them to have graduated from a Maryland high school, we can be assured that the result will be an increase in the amount of illegal immigrants calling Maryland their home and placing additional burden on our K-12 educational system.

Maryland is a compassionate society; we believe in offering a helping hand to those in need. But at a time filled with economic uncertainty and instability, we simply cannot afford to enact these types of policies. I urge you to vote “No” on Question 4.

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